by FigureHead

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FigureHead is James Palko, Nick Hasko, Jesse Cooney, and Alex McCarthy. Recorded in James Palkos' Basement.


released July 25, 2011



all rights reserved


FigureHead Southington, Connecticut

4 Guys playing sweaty and fun music. Enjoy it with us.

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Track Name: Lotto
Just messin around.
Rightside up because my head is on the ground
I play the lotto cuz the chance is worth the cost.
What is found can never be lost.

whatcha say?
I've got it all.

Where ya going?
Touch yourself.

Just messin around.
Upside down because my head is on the ground.
I play the raffle cuz the chance is worth the cost.
What is found, can never be lost.

When your shift is over, put a bag on your head.
Tear off your name tag, and write your name instead.
Track Name: Norman Rockwell
Go away if you want me to,
I'll tie my shoes together
Pick my nose and wipe it on your shirt
again and again and again and again

Go grab a hat.
Track Name: Barne's Gazebo
I farted on your dad when I was sleeping
We all took turns to check if Xander was still breathing

We walk down Main Street.
We smell our own feet.
And everybody hates you if you cant hate us.

We are those Soto Kids.
Track Name: Finches
Jump off trees and land on the beach
adams gone home to sleep with a leech
ginger ale and sea grahams were the summer food
knee high grass and tank tops never felt so good

hopping fences and killing time
egging cars and tagging signs
bats and rats and barefeet step on broken glass
naked tanktops streaking through the knee high grass

sweaty lies and peeling ticks
dollar menus and petty tricks
Track Name: Lampshade
We open lockers and blue jeans with our ears.
we write to mondays and al is kinda fat
this bus is chilly, where is my van?
rose art is the worst kind of crayon

when we were younger we had really little desks,
now that we're older we drink mello yello

even if we're humans are we aliens to others?
how old are robots and are lampshades really covers?
dont eat m-80's and also al Is fat.

mr. prendergast.
Track Name: Socks
We're not in a pool
Likewise, we already know.
Line up the mailbox and hit them down in rows.
We dont have to worry about long socks when we wear slacks.
Pick up your knickknacks, dont forget the pattywhacks.

I'm all out of socks.

We're late for school
Yes mom, we already know.
Line up your mailbox and hit them down in rows.
I dont really care as long as I've got magazines.
I'll eat my steak, mom, but I wont eat my greens.

I'll check, I'll see, the Drawers are empty